The Wines

5 wines that represent the territory, each with its unique and inimitable character

In my small family-run winery I produce the most typical red wines of the territory: Barolo, Barbera, Dolcetto and Nebbiolo.

I propose wines that embody the typical features of the terroir from which they come; wines that are characterized by a unique and inimitable character.

My objective is to offer balanced, fine and elegant wines, capable of enhancing the quality of the original vine.

Barolo DOCG

Barolo Gattera

The Gattera vineyard is the company’s oldest, planted in 1950. Its soil is quite warm and produces grapes of considerable structure, with marked tannins and a great quality of the fruit. The resulting wine is refined, elegant and quite drinkable.

Barolo Gattera is a wine produced in a traditional manner, with as many as 25 days maceration and aging in large barrels that are ideal for softening the strong characteristics of the cru. See data sheet »

Barolo Classico

Produced with 1/3 of Gattera cru grapes and 2/3 of grapes from a younger vineyard, located next to the company.

The macerations are shorter, roughly 12-15 days and the aging takes place in barrique and tonneaux barrels.
See data sheet »

The other Red Wines


At the beginning of the year 2000, the Dolcetto vineyard was located in the municipality of La Morra, while currently the vineyard is cultivated in Roddino, the best geographical area for this type of grape.

The ventilated area, the cooler soil and the higher altitude make it possible to obtain a wine with less structure; a wine that is fresh, fruity and with a low alcohol content.


This wine is produced with grapes from two different vineyards: the first, adjacent to the Gattera cru, was planted in 1992 and its exposure is to the west. It gives structure and acidity to the wine.

The second is found in Madonna di Como, at the top of a hill with a southern exposure.

It gives roundness to the wine and slightly softens its strong acidity.


An elegant and refined wine unlike the strong and persistent Nebbiolo wines, which too often give the impression of trying to be Barolo wines.

The vineyard is in Canale, in Roero, a land that gives wines of high drinkability.

After 8-10 days maceration and aging in barrique and used tonneaux barrels, we get a fresh wine, ideal for daily consumption.