About us

The farmhouse and the winery are our activities, where you'll be welcomed by our family's warmth which is typical of small farms.

In our Agriturismo Risveglio in Langa you can spend your vacation surrounded by vineyards, in harmony with nature, immersed in the tranquility of the hills.

If you’d like to get to know the world of enology and discover the wine-making process, take advantage of the free visit to the Cantina Alessandro Veglio winery, where you can taste some of the most typical Langhe wines.


I was born in 1982, and like many of my peers I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I got older.

So I decide to attend the Alba School of Enology, figuring I wouldn’t have any difficulties finding work at the end of my studies.

I got my diploma in 2002 and I was hired right away as a seasonal worker.

Initially I was employed as a handyman during the harvest. I also took care of sampling grapes in the carts.

Later, I began to follow the production process, the wine-making and the fermentation, becoming more and more specialized with the work in the cellar.

As a result, little by little, the passion for this work blossomed.

I felt inside of me the desire to own my own business, to be able to experiment freely and to produce the wine according to my preferences.

So I decided to take a chance and go on my own, inaugurating the

Cantina Alessandro Veglio
in 2008.

If my story got you curious and you’d like to taste my wines, I’ll gladly accompany you for a visit to our winery during your stay at the farmstead.


Mamma Franca

I’m a Langhetta DOC, and I was born amongst the vineyards where I worked for years.
Next to the family vineyards, where I grew up, you’ll find the ’Agriturismo Risveglio in Langa.

After the inauguration of the facilities in 2003, I became the manager of the agritourism: I take care of the hospitality, the accommodation of the rooms and I prepare breakfast.

In addition to activities related to our holiday farm, I help my son Alessandro in his wine-growing company, mostly taking care of our vineyards.

Papà Nico

I work in the construction field and I deal with restoring Langa houses and farmsteads. My objective is to bring back to life buildings marked by the inevitable passing of time.

I always try to respect the original appearance of the buildings, enhancing the distinctive features of local architecture: exposed bricks, Langa stones and vaulted ceilings.

I worked actively on our agritourism for the first 3 years; starting in 2000, the year we purchased the farmstead until 2003, the year we opened.

Later, when my son decided to start his business, I took care of recovering the existing spaces in our family home so as to create the rooms where Alessandro’s cellar is found today.